Exam and Scan

1st Appointment

2 Hours

  • Spine and Neurological Testing

  • Digital Spinal Images

  • 3D Scan

  • Order Brace

    • 2-3 Weeks To Arrive​


2nd Appointment

2 Hours

  • Try On Brace

  • Adjust Fit For Comfort

  • Go Over Home Orthotic Use And Exercises

1 Month

1 Hour

  • In Brace X-Ray Taken

    • Indicates How Much Correction Is Expected

  • Adjustments Made To The Brace Fit For Comfort

    • If Needed​

3 Month

1 Hour

  • First Out Of Brace X-Ray

    • Indicates How Fast Spine Is Changing

    • Allows Estimate Of How Long Brace Will Be Worn

  • Adjustment To Fit Made

  • Subsequent Visits Every 6 Months Scheduled

Do you think you may have scoliosis? Take the quiz! 

DeCamp Chiropractic Clinic

3713 Rucker Avenue

Everett, WA 98201

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